Sheikh Mohammad: Tuzhurmato is miniature of Iraq that includes Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens and other races

Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed along with the Governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri visited the district of Tuzhurmato, and met during the visit with administrative and security officials in the judiciary and a number of dignitaries and Kurd in Tozkurmatu who welcomed the visit and expressed their happiness to inform him about the conditions about the place.
He also expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts exerted by the interior and defense Ministers, the governor of Salah al-Din, the commander of operations and the rapid reaction of the forces in the judiciary for their positive role in providing security and stability to all areas. He added that Tuzhurmato is a city of brotherhood, not a monopoly of one. It is like a miniature Iraq that includes all the components of Kurds, Arabs, Turkomans and the rest of the population and becomes a model of coexistence. Our main goal is to work for it to return to normal life as before.
Sheikh Mohammed stressed during the visit that there are serious efforts by the Council of Representatives to include financial allocations in the federal budget law for the year 2018 for the liberated areas in the provinces of Iraq and especially the district of Tuzhurmato within the province of Salah al-Din, pointing to continue to provide support and aid to the administration of the provinces with the aim of reconstruction and providing services for citizens without exception.

On his part, the governor of Salahaddin praised the visit of Sheikh Mohammed to the province of Tuzhurmato and inspecting the conditions of the people and the nature of daily life, regarding that Aram Sheikh Mohammed is a national figure respected by the Iraqis and has a professional and distinguished role in the legislative institution and has proved worthy. He explained that there is a coordination between the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the provincial council for joint cooperation in the provision of services to all citizens.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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