Sheikh Hamoudi calls on the government to pay the salaries of the popular forces and denounces the arrest of demonstrators

The First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Dr. Humam Hamoudi, head of the Islamic Supreme Council, said that the government authorities arrested a number of members of the popular crowd during their participation on Sunday morning in a peaceful demonstration to demand the government to pay their salaries, considering the demonstration a democratic behavior and constitutional right to demand rights.
Sheikh Hamoudi called on the authorities to quickly pay the salaries of the voluntary forces, according to the law. The forces are the victory makers, who have turned all the equations of battle with their sacrifices.
Sheikh Hamoudi warned of any negligence against the popular mobilization or coercive pressure to dismantle it, or attempts to dissolve this ideological identity, stressing that the security challenges facing Iraq are not over yet, and that the enemies are still lurking in Iraq in accordance with agendas and any failure to mobilize means to disrupt the balance of power and it has serious consequences.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office

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