COR holds a deliberative session to discuss the elections

The Council of Representatives held a deliberative session on Saturday 19/5/2018 under the chairmanship of H.E the Speaker Dr. Saleem Jubouri, and the attendance of 105 MPs to discuss the elections.
At the outset of the meeting, al- Jubouri confirmed the receipt of the request of 81 deputies calling for an extraordinary session to discuss the electoral reality, pointing out that the election is a means for the people towards achieving stability and must maintain the integrity of this means and away from all doubts. Iraq and its people are more important than the victory of the people and the political blocs, he in advance congratulated the holy month of Ramadan to all the Iraqi people and blessed the candidates who appeared to win the elections.
On his part, Deputy Speaker Mr. Aram Sheikh Mohammed stressed that the opponents can take the legal way to resolve what has been presented in order to challenge the electoral results in the next few days provided that they are based on evidence, noting that the Commission closed its doors to political entities that may prove a paradox in Election results. In turn, al-Jubouri announced that the Presidency will direct a letter requesting that the Electoral Commission takes all means to ensure confidence in the electoral process.
The Legal Committee confirmed its support for the request directed by the Presidency of the Council to the Electoral Commission, including a number of demands to ensure the integrity of the elections.
Media Directorate
Iraqi Council of Representatives

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