The Presidency meets with the heads of the parliamentary blocs to discuss latest developments

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives met on Saturday in the office of the Deputy Speaker of the Council Mr. Aram Sheikh Mohammed, with the heads of blocs of the Law State, and the coalition of Iraqia and Al-Fadhila and Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to discuss the issue of boycotting of the Kurdish MPs of the meetings of the Council. The Kurdish MPs expressed their concern and opposition to recent developments within the corridors of the Council and declared that the Council of Representatives cannot deal in this way with the complex problems and recent developments and strongly criticized the Council’s decision to authorize the Prime Minister to follow all means to deal with the subject of the referendum.
On his part, the Speaker of the Council announced that the presidency of the Council did not put any of the latest laws and resolutions on the agenda of the sessions of the Council, but was informed of the agenda at the request of the majority of MPs, saying: “All decisions of the Council were within the framework of law and democratic procedures.”
The Speaker added that the decision to authorize the Prime Minister to deal with the issue of the referendum was canceled demanding that the heads of the Kurdish blocs to participate in sessions to proceed with legislation of laws.
On the other hand, Mr. Aram Sheikh Mohammed met with heads of the Kurdish blocs to discuss the issue of returning to the sessions of the Council of Representatives as scheduled to meet tomorrow and continue to consult to reach a decision.
Deputy Speaker Media Office

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