The Speaker stresses Iraq’s need for international support to attack terrorist outposts and achieve stability

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri received on Thursday the Assistant Secretary of Defense Mr. Robert Carmen, in the presence of the US ambassador to Baghdad, Mr. Douglas Silliman.
During the meeting, they discussed the latest political and security developments in Iraq and the region, and ways to enhance cooperation and coordination between Iraq and America to combat terrorism and uproot it.
The Speaker stressed that “Iraq needs the support of the international community and all friendly countries, especially the United States, to eradicate terrorism, which has recently been trying to undermine the security and stability of innocent citizens”. He emphasized, “We must maintain the victory over terrorism through more intelligence coordination between Iraq and the international coalition to foil any attempt that aim at fueling sectarianism and sedition among the Iraqi people and undermining Iraq’s security and integrity”.
He pointed out that the next stage requires the mobilization of all efforts to ensure the success of the elections, expressing his appreciation for the role of the United States of America in supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism and at all levels.
For his part, Mr. Carmen stressed his country’s keenness to support in its war against terrorism.
The Speaker Media Office

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