The Speaker Meets Iranian Ambassador 

The Speaker Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri received, on Thursday, the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Iraj Masjidi, and discussed with him the situation of the regional scene in the context of recent developments, and ways to strengthen security and stability in the region and to end tensions as well as joint coordination to combat terrorism.

The speaker stressed that Iraq has made great efforts and sacrifices to strengthen regional security and peace, and has succeeded in defeating terrorism and ending its expansion, confirming that “We seek greater coordination and cooperation with our Arab and regional friends to strengthen stability and strengthen ties”. He added, “Serious dialogue is the key to end tensions in the region and Iraq supports this trend in order to provide opportunities for economic, investment and development,” adding, “These tensions will have serious negative repercussions on all countries in the region”.

The two sides agreed on the importance of cooperation between the two countries and the realization of common interests to serve the two neighboring peoples.

For his part, the Iranian ambassador stressed the importance of Iraq’s role in the fight against terrorism, and his country is keen on boosting bilateral cooperation and building the best relations between the two countries.

The Speaker Media Office


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